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For eligible applicants, Freedom Fishing Foundation covers the cost of the fishing trip including: fishing license, tournament or resort fees (if applicable), bait, gear, and meals.

Freedom Fishing Foundation provides fishing excursions anywhere from one to four days trips within Minnesota and Western Wisconsin. All military branches are included and may apply. Fishing equipment is provided to military children after the trip for continued use. Minor military children must be accompanied by an adult guardian/parent. Veterans are allowed to bring one possibly two guests depending on the type of fishing with prior approval.
Jim Flermoen, President


(612) 618-3825

1. Families of Veterans who were Killed In Action or from Suicide.
2. Combat Wounded Purple Heart Recipients and their Children.
3. Disabled Veterans (0% or higher service connected VA rating) and their Children
4. Veteran who was deployed to a combat zone as defined by the DOD or VA and their Children.
5. Veteran (current or past) and their Children.
Candace Flermoen, Treasurer


(612) 598-1555

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Please direct all questions regarding any matters to:
Jim Flermoen, President - Email or 612-618-3825
I certify that my answers are true and complete to the best of my knowledge. I will provide proof of service (VA / Military ID / DD214 DEERS registration or Military Retirement Letter). Please OMIT sensitive information. I am willing and capable to read and sign waiver that will be necessary for fishing excursions.
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