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From Soldiers to Fishermen

Jim Flermoen and Eric Anderson are MN Army National Guard veterans who deployed to Iraq in 2006. During their deployment, both vets were escorting a convoy in route to Baghdad when struck by an IED. Jim was severely injured resulting in him being medically evac-d to Germany and onto Brook Army Medical Center. Since the explosion, both veterans have suffered from TBI and PTSD.
Sometime later Jim met, Joe Scavo, a veteran who served eight years in the US Army (infantry) with two deployments. All three of them experienced life-changing events that have affected them emotionally and physically. They found themselves conflicted daily with the changes that challenged their personal and professional lives.  While trying to pick up the pieces, Jim found peace fishing in the great outdoors which became a way to reset his mind and regain a passion for life. Joe and Eric were also struggling with their battles and searching for help. Jim started taking them fishing, where they gained serenity and brotherhood accompanying each other. Jim, Joe, and Eric wanted to share their positive experience with other veterans who are also suffering from similar backgrounds.
Their traumas provided them with a sense of responsibility to never forget their fellow soldier and military children. With their passion came the decision to start a non-profit called Freedom Fishing Foundation to introduce and provide an experience that would benefit others and bring together the veteran community.

Board of Directors

Jim Flermoen, President


(612) 618-3825
Jim Flermoen
612-618-3825, Email
Eric Anderson
VP Business Operations


(612) 715-4523
Vice President of Business Operations
Eric Anderson
612-715-4523, Email
Joe Scavo
VP of Fishing Operations

Vice President of Fishing Operations
Joe Scavo, Email
Kurt Kobes
Marketing Director

Marketing Director
Kurt Kobes, Email
Andrew Norgaard
Branch Director - Central MN
Branch Director - Central MN
Andrew Norgaard,
218-851-5196, Email
Treasurer / Admin
Candace Flermoen


(612) 598-1555
Candace Flermoen,
612-598-1555, Email
Tom Flermoen
Recruiting Director
Recruiting Director
Tom Flermoen,
612-232-0275 Email
It is our mission to provide fellow veterans and gold star families the opportunity to attain tranquility and fellowship through the sport of fishing.
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Volunteer opportunities are available. Please contact any of the Board members to express your interest in supporting our mission. 


Please direct all questions regarding any matters to:
Candace Flermoen, Treasurer, Email or (612) 598-1555

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Candace Flermoen

Treasurer, Marketing, Board Member

Primary POC
Contact us for more information. Program.